MWALL200 Water Barrier

3 sizes:
2'H x 2'W x 6'L
4'H x 2.54'W x 6'L
8'H x 4'W x 4'L

The MWALL200 is an engineered CONTAINMENT barrier that has a "foot" on one side of the barrier. The foot provides the barriers stability as the water/ fluid level rises! The fluid's weight pushes down on the foot, firmly holding the barriers in place. Click here for info on storm and flood water control. Click here for info on oilfield water and fluid containment

SB100 Water Barrier

42" H x 96" L x 28" W

125 lbs empty, 2525 lbs filled

300 gallons

This is our most popular water barrier! The SB100 barriers can also be "rented" in several states.

SBRR250 Water Barrier

38" H x 71" L x 30" W

53 lbs empty, 160 lbs filled

18 gallons

This is a lightweight barrier, with small water ballists' on both sides. The SBRR250 can be efficiently stacked, so up to 240 barriers can be shipped per truckload!

SBSEN350 Water Barrier

42 3/4" H x 75 3/4" L x 22 1/2" W

160 lbs empty, 2000 lbs filled

220 gallons

  NCHRP 350 approved as TL1,TL2, and TL3 Inter-locking pin system

SBWW300 Water Barrier

32" H x 72" L x 18" W

80 lbs empty, 1100 lbs filled

130 gallons

TL1 & TL2 Longitudinal Barrier (also a TL3 Barricade HSA-10/WZ-224).

WC400-2 Water Barrier

42" H x 45" L x 23.5" W

44 lbs empty, 760 lbs filled

898 gallons

This barrier follows NCHRP-350 requirements for highway construction safety, traffic control, and delineation.

WC450-3 Water Barrier

42" H x 72" L x 24" W

100 lbs empty, 1380 lbs filled

153 gallons

This barrier is ideal for crowd control, construction sites, and directing traffic.

WC500 Airport Barrier

10" H x 96" L x 10" W

28 lbs empty, 260 lbs filled

These polyethylene barriers are used by airports for aircraft traffic control. The low-profile barrier is also very popular in regions that receive a lot of wind (less wind resistance).

What People Say About Us

We initially bought 85 of the grey interlocking water barriers in 2013. And then purchased more later in the year. Many of our projects are road projects. So for us these barriers are fantastic! We are able to be so much more competitive on our bids because water barriers are flat out more cost effective then using the “old and heavy” concrete barriers. They are quick and easy to setup and store between uses.

- Kevin at GH Phipps Construction Co.

We are a supplier in Texas that requested pricing for the SBRR250 water barrier. The representative was very friendly and professional. We liked the price and agreed to purchase 40 barriers. The barriers worked out great for our customer, and a few months later we placed a second order for an additional 95 barriers!

- Gary at Penn Tool

We have placed several orders through Safety Barriers.  We are using both their water barriers, and “sled” crash attenuators at the airport.  Their service is top notch, and look forward to working with them in the future!

- Kiewit in Denver

We manage a special events company.  We started renting the SB100 water barriers for crowd control.  We also use them to tie down the corners of the tents. Thanks Safety Barriers, we will be needing more barriers this summer!

- Julie M.

Last year we remodeling two large hotels.  So we rented the barriers to manage the flow of traffic, and section off part of the parking lots.  The barriers worked great!

- Brian B.

I work for an electric company.  And we use the water barriers to hold down tower equipment while installing the towers.  The barriers are amazing... and we can easily move them around during construction.  Much better than trying to use heavy, bulky concrete barricades. Thanks - and we’ll be in touch next time we need your barriers.

- Dave T.

We are an equipment rental co and distributor for Safety Barriers in Rock Springs, Wyoming.   We are now able to offer road, construction, and crowd control water barriers.  And the ability to also “RENT” the barriers is a real benefit to our customers!

- Equip Rental Company in Rock Springs, Wyoming


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