SBWW300 Water Barrier

32" H x 72" L x 18" W

80 lbs empty, 1100 lbs filled

130 gallons

TL1 & TL2 Longitudinal Barrier (also a TL3 Barricade HSA-10/WZ-224).

Comes in orange or white

Top Features:

  • This barriers is designed to accept “chain link fence panels” at the top of the barriers
  • If adding fence panes at the top then use 1 1/4 fence posts


Additional Features of the SBWW300 water barrier

  • Knuckle and 1 1/4″OD metal pin design to secure the barriers together.
  • Includes one heavy duty steel connection pin
  • Large 8″ Fill hole speeds the filling process
  • Fill cap twists and locks into place
  • Molded through pockets prevents bowing when filled with water
  • Hinge fabrication allows for a 30 degree pivot between barriers if desired (form radius)
  • Tamper resistant drain plug
  • Fork / pallet jack pockets at the bottom for easy movement and transport


Chain Link Fence Panels For The SBWW300

The SBWW300 is designed to accept special modular fence panels that provide a security barrier against unwanted entries.  They are also available through Water Barriers 4 Safety.  Check out the pictures of these fence inserts below:


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