WC400-2 Water Barrier

42" H x 45" L x 23.5" W

44 lbs empty, 760 lbs filled

898 gallons

This barrier follows NCHRP-350 requirements for highway construction safety, traffic control, and delineation.

Colors: Orange, white, yellow, desert tan, and olive drab

The WC400 has been specifically designed for highway construction safety, traffic delineation, and traffic control. This barrier will work for most highway, bridge and road projects. Tested and approved (NCHRP-350) to prevent car rollovers and improve overall road safety during construction.

This barrier is made of heavy duty polyethylene, and is a great alternative to heavy concrete barricades. These barriers are east to install and setup on any jobsite or road project. And the barriers can be easily connected to form a continuous locking wall with no gaps! No special pins or connectors are needed. The special design allow for a quick assemble/disassemble, and to allow for efficient modular storage.

Solar powered flashing lights are also available.

WC-300-2 meets the following spec’s for Longitudinal channelizing Barricades

  • NCHRP-350 Requirement
  • FHWA accepted
  • MUTCD spec 6F.66


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