WC500 Airport Barrier

10" H x 96" L x 10" W

28 lbs empty, 260 lbs filled


Comes in two sizes:

WC500-10: 10″H x 96″L x 10″ W, 28 lbs empty, 260 lbs when filled

WC500-24″ 24″H x 96″L x 14″ W, 37lbs empty, 785 lbs when filled


These polyethylene barriers are used by airports for aircraft traffic control. The low-profile barrier is also very popular in regions that receive a lot of wind (less wind resistance).

The WC500 is stackable, easy to transport, and store. And is approved for purchase with AIP funds,

The WC500 airport barriers have 3 optional accessories:

  • Reflective striping
  • Solar powered flashing lights
  • Connectors to form a solid wall of barriers


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