What Are Water Barriers

Water barriers are made of heavy duty polyethylene (approximately 1/4″ thick).  The barriers are typically hollow in the middle to allow water or sand to be added.  Empty, the barriers are lightweight and can be installed by one to two people.  Once filled, the barriers can weigh up to 2500 lbs (water filled) or 4500 lbs when filled with sand.  Most of our barriers are designed to “freeze & thaw” without damaging the barrier.  However, special additives, such as salt (sodium chloride) or calcium chloride can be used if needed.

Our water barriers have a fill port & cap at the top & a reusable, non-leaking drain plug at the base.  Most barriers are manufactured using “rotational” or “blow” molding.  Our various barriers come in all different sizes, shapes & colors.  And most barriers are federal highway “NCHRP 350” approved.

The fact is water barriers are much easier to deliver, setup & store between uses than concrete barriers!  And water barriers are by far “less expensive” than concrete barricades!


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